How do I turn my logo into a metal sign?

27 March 2017 Editor 2424 No Comments

The art of working a plasma cutting machine is not complicated. The machine can only cut a shape inside of another shape (Figure 1). If a third internal shape in required (Figure 2) it will become a separate component and not be part of a single piece of metal. So small connections of metal are required to join the internal shape to the external shape (Figure 3). Therefore minor modifications are sometimes required to the design of your logo to turn it into a metal sign.

The same minor modifications are also required for lettering, depending on the font a stencil effect is required which allows use of the internal parts of some characters and making the wording on the logo more legible. Most people viewing the sign are not even aware of the minor modifications that have been made. Check out these photos as examples.

Andrew is able to review the logo and determine the best way to design the metal piece and make it as close as possible to the original design.


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